We are getting HOSED by both sides.

Pack it To Michigan Tax Payers

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We are getting some serious smoke blown up our skirts boys and girls. Both political parties are laughing all the way to the bank. Look at some of these wonderful double dippers - from a state that is going broke!

First some Republicans - you know, the party that is trimming our budget, cutting waste, etc.:

"Richard Bandstra, who was on the state Court of Appeals for 16 years and served in the state House for more than a decade, gets pensions totaling $117,920 through the Michigan Legislative Retirement System and the state Judicial Retirement System.

Bandstra left the court Jan. 8 with four years remaining on his latest six-year term and now works as chief legal counsel for state Attorney General Bill Schuette with an annual salary of $140,000."

"A number of pensioners also have top state jobs. Posthumus earns $170,000 as Snyder's senior adviser while drawing $92,489.52 from the Legislative Retirement System. "

"State Department of Human Services Director Maura Corrigan earns $140,000 annually in that role while drawing a $84,000 pension as a retired Michigan Supreme Court justice."

How about some Democrats - you know, the party standing up for the little guy.

"U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Lansing, draws $52,438 annually for her 16 years in the state House and Senate. " (As a US Senator, she makes at least $174,000 a year....plus bennies.)

"Former Democratic Gov. Jim Blanchard gets a $51,634 annual pension for his eight years as governor. "

"Former Democratic Lt. Gov. John Cherry gets $99,437 from the Legislative Retirement System; he served 28 years in state elected office. "

"Democrat Arthur Miller of Warren, who served in the Senate from 1977-2002, gets $107,747 annually, the highest pension in the Legislative Retirement System."

The double dipping  - from Stabenow, Posthumus, Corrigan, and Bandstra - makes me really mad. What the hell is going on?

11/27/11 - just sent this email to our governor:
"Dear Governor Snyder,

Can you please tell me how and why a cash strapped state like ours allows politicians - allegedly "servants of the people" to collect a pension AND a pay check from taxpayers?
If the report in the Detroit paper is correct (http://detnews.com/article/20111107/METRO/111070361/49-state-retirees-collect-pensions-that-top-$100K) , this largesse seems to float to both sides of the political aisle. What service does Dick Posthumus provide that entitles him to a 90k pension in addition to a 170k salary? How does Debbie Stabenow justify collecting from taxpayers in Michigan twice? Maura Corrigan can earn 140k while she collects a pension of 84k?
Please help me to better understand this in a fiscal climate when benefits are being slashed everywhere."
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