Stuff That Works: Mowhawk Home Recycled Doormat

How cool is this? While out buying some LED lights for the store, I came upon this new doormat from
Mowhawk Greenworks in Sugar Valley, GA.

Several things attracted my attention and pushed me to a purchase. First, it is a nice looking mat. Secondly - it is made of recycled car tires. On top of those most important things - it is MADE IN THE USA! Whoo-hooo, sign me up.

At this point it has been down for a total of 10 hours, so I cannot speak to the durability issue. That being said, I do not anticipate any problems in that regard. The mat is very heavy and appears to be well made. The weight will come in handy in front of our store because the wind just whips down Main Street in Lowell.

You can learn more about Mohawks green efforts here:

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