Stuff That Works: A review of Clear Care solution.

I have to admit the folks at Advanced Eyecare in Lowell were right. They told me about 2 years ago that Clear Care was the best contact lens cleaning solution on the market. I thought they were just trying to sell me some cleaner they had in stock.

I have been wearing contacts for decades and I have tried pretty much every cleaning/storing solution on the market - from the most expensive to the in-store house brands. Usually I would purchase what was on sale or buy something I had a coupon for. No more - I have been using Clear Care for over a year and it is far and away the best cleaning and storing solution I have found for my situation. (I wear Accuvue lenses from Oasys - I have Astigmatism in addition to my nearsightedness.)

WARNING: Do not put Clear Care directly in your eyes. It has hydrogen peroxide and some other ingredients in it that burn like hell. Don't ask me how I know - (mumbles something about an early morning encounter when he had overslept, etc. etc.) Make sure you use it in the manner they tell you to use it along with the cleaning case they provide in almost every box.
The Clear Case Use you MUST use.
I finally decided to try Clear Care just because it was about the only solution I had never tried. I have been using it ever since. I have to admit to stretching my contacts to as much as 4 weeks per pair and many times even at the end of 4 weeks they are still comfortable - Clear Care keeps the protein build up that gets irritating to a bare minimum with no rubbing needed. It does such a good job that I recently went 5 weeks on a pair of lenses. Didn't intend to - I just forgot to look at my records and they stayed comfortable the whole time.

FWIW - I always give my eyes one whole day a week where I do not wear contacts and I wait an hour in the morning before I put them in and I take them out a half hour to an hour before I go to bed. This gives my eyes time to breathe and I have been, thankfully, free of any eye infection the whole time I have been wearing contacts.

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