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I had never spent much over $40 for a pair of motorcycle gloves, but a couple of years ago Andy from Grand Rapids BMW talked to me about the Navigators from Firstgear. (I think they were $89.00 - they are now $99.00.)
I live in Michigan and try to ride pretty much all year around - I like to get out during the snowy season for a variety of reasons - but I certainly ride in a) rain and b) temps below 40 and sometimes 30 degrees and c) sometime both conditions at the same time. Andy was aware of this and recommended the Navigators as a great glove to use a lot of the time.
As you can see they have a nice tall gauntlet, so they go up over the sleeve of my jacket or riding suit. They have a drawstring to close the end and a hook and loop (aka Velcro) strap just past the wrist so you can adjust them to be as snug as you like. I have big hands and went with XXL. They were a little snug off the rack, but have since stretched out a little for a very comfortable fit.
Boy am I glad I listened to Andy. These gloves have been terrific. I am writing this at the end of October and have been wearing them every time I ride with temps in the 30s to the 50s and PLENTY of Michigan sky water! When the temps get below 30 I switch to my winter gloves, but these gloves are great on my commute in the 30s and 40s especially since I have heater grips.
These gloves have been DRENCHED, soaked and poured on with two seasons of spring, summer, and fall rains in Michigan. My hands do not get wet. I don't think I have ever cinched up the cord around the end of the gloves except they day I bought them (to see how it works), but the Velcro strap gets regular use to snug them up on my hands.
You can tell I have worn my Navigators, but after two years they are holding up very well. I ride about 7-10k a year and use these gloves almost exclusively in Mar/Apr/May/Aug/Sept/Oct with some use when I know it is going to rain in the summer months. During the summer I keep them in one of my saddle bags just in case it rains. I would highly recommend these gloves - even if you DON'T make a point of riding in the rain all the time. They have held up, the look good and feel great. Thankfully I do not have to report how well they do in a get off - the one time I fell in the last couple years I was riding in the snow on my old Yamaha XT550 and was wearing my winter gloves.
Go to your favorite Firstgear dealer and try on a pair - I dare ya!

First Gear Gloves Here

4/30/13 UPDATE - the gloves continue to perform to my satisfaction. It has been a COLD, wet Spring here in Michigan and they are getting a work out.
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