Stuff That Works - Anderson & Girls Orchard Review

Julie and I have been enjoying cider from Anderson & Girls for the last two seasons, so we decided a visit was in order last Sunday. We wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall colors and the trip to Anderson Orchards, just 3 miles north of Stanton on M-66 seemed to be just the ticket.

It was a great decision - we had a very enjoyable time and we really enjoyed ourselves. Everyone who we came in contact with was very friendly. The grounds were welcoming - there was a great vibe (if you can handle that kind of hippie speak). It was big enough to have lots to see and do, but not so big that a lot of time was spent in line or walking to and fro.

We were really impressed with the animals - they were in great shape, very clean and healthy looking. In addition to the animals one might expect on a farm, there were a good number of exotics. The two zebras were some of the most beautiful we have seen anywhere. The lemurs fur fairly glistened and Julie reported that the little Sicilian donkey had clean teeth!

Their cider is delicious and their bakery makes some great treats. We ate blueberry donuts and brought home some cinnamon bread and a loaf of fried apple something or another. Everything tasted great.

Because of the unseasonably warm temperature, I grabbed a malt while Julie went back for a quart of cider for the road home. We really enjoyed our visit - highly recommend this place to you.

Here is their website:

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