Stuff That Works - Art Prize in Grand Rapids.

Say what you will about uptight, conservative West Michigan/Grand Rapids.

We have ART PRIZE - what do YOU have?

Neener, neener, neener.

Sure - the attraction of the Big $$$$ for the winners can make things a little weird down there - like artists outside one venue handing out cards and urging me to go see THEIR stuff somewhere else - but c'mon Rest Of The World, Art Prize is fantastic.

Sure, some advantage goes to the artists who have their work placed in "better" locations, but I bet you that if some fantastic creation appears on the fringes somewhere we will know about it thanks to all the modern communication devices and tools that we have.

I cannot imagine another event or festival that allows ANYONE to experience the incredible variety of "art" for free. From the traditional to cutting edge and everything in between. I had my mind blown on my first visit down there today. It was incredible. Jaw dropping work of ALL KINDS.

I got so fired up and energized walking around Grand Rapids today. It was like being stoned - only I wasn't. Really.

Art Prize makes me PROUD to be from Grand Rapids.
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