Stuff That Works - Tascam DP-02 review.

I purchased the Tascam DP-02 as part of a package from Guitar Center almost a year ago. It was a great package with some powered Fostex monitors, a microphone, mic stand, and cables (see above picture). It is currently offered at $650 for the package or you can buy the Tascam alone for $350 from GC.
What a fantastic deal. The Tascam was easy to use right out of the box - once upon a time I recorded jingles on a Fostex reel-to-reel 8 track machine - the controls are very logically laid out and with some help from the manual I was up and recording in no time at all.
My efforts are strictly hobbyist - I would recommend this Tascam to anyone who wants a small recording studio on a budget. There are two inputs and a total of 8 tracks. I have recorded the following with very satisfactory results: vocals via mic, guitar(s), live drums and percussion, Roland SPD-S, Korg Kaossilator and Kaossilator Pro, and other accoustic things mic'ed in one way or another.
The onboard effects add even more bang for the buck - I have had a good deal of fun with them and have combined them with efx out of a Korg Kaoss pad and/or the onboard efx from the Kaossilator Pro and SPD-S for some really cool sounds.
The onboard CD burner is the icing on the cake - you can make your recording and immediately burn it for play on other systems to see what it sounds like.
Extremely happy with the return on investment from the Tascam. Would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to explore digital recording with excellent sounding results on a budget.
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