Stuff That Works: Korg Kaossilator Pro review with samples.

If you have ever had the urge to create electronic music for yourself, this little baby can help you realize your dreams. Or if you just want to have some musical fun. The flexibility for the money is fantastic - I think I paid $400 at Guitar Center and it has been worth every penny. The only flaws that I can think of would come to light when playing live - it takes some time to load your saved set-ups. (So if you are doing lots of live gigs, have two of them so you can always be set up in advance.)
It has self-contained beats and drum presets that will let you make your own. It has some killer synth sounds - big phat bass and some nice leads. There is enough here to keep ameteurs and hobbyists happy for days.
I am strictly a hobbyist and I am sure that there are features and abilities of this little wonder that I have yet to uncover, but after owning one and using it to record some electronica on a Tascam Digital Recorder, I would have to rate it a 9.5. One of the best purchases I have ever made - it is relatively easy to use and the instruction manual has served me well when I needed clarification.
5/5/13 - Added thought. You are NOT limited to just making beats with this. Here is a little song I call Mountain Glide - I tried to make it sound like a reverb guitar. All the sounds were produced using the Kaossilator Pro:
Here is another short one - there are beats here, but everything was done
on the K-Pro:
One more example all done on the Kaossilator Pro:
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