Stuff that works: Crystal Body Deoderant Roll On Review

Picked up a 2.25 oz bottle of this roll on a couple of weeks ago and am very happy with the way it works. I bought it because I want to stay away from products that keep me from sweating, i.e. anti-persperants. I figure if my body is designed to sweat, then it needs to do that. ON the other hand, I own and operate a retail jewelry store so running around with stinky armpits is not on my short list to business success.

For the first couple days I used Crystal under one arm and my up-to-now favorite brand (Mitchum) under the other arm. Even switched arms because I have read that many of us perspire more from one side or the other. Using my totally un-scientific "Sniff Test" I could not tell any difference at the end of the day, so I began to use the Crystal product exclusively. Very happy with it. Just the other day I did some much needed roof repair. I was in full-on August sun at 80 some degrees on a black roof - sweating like crazy all over my body, but my pits were not stinky using my Sniff Test.

Seems like a good product - oaid $3.99 for the 2.25 oz package. Will buy again.

The other thing that pleases me about this product is that it washes out easier! By that I mean when I used to wear Mitchum when I would shower and wash my pits, it took some doing - I had to really scrub and I could feel the residual product in my armpit. Now with the Crystal stuff my armpits clean up a lot easier.
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