Roger Clemens gets nailed and Goldman Sachs walks. WHAT?

Roger Clemens was prosecuted for lying to the Senate about using steroids while playing baseball. The Senate felt the issue of steroid use in America's pastime was of enough import to warrant it's attention. When emails and other testimony made it clear Clemens fibbed under oath, they went after him for the simple reason that it is against the law to lie to the Senate.

Let me say that steroid use in sports is a subject that needs to be addressed and I think anyone who lies to our elected officials ought to be spanked. My point is that Clemens got spanked and the top dogs at Goldman Sachs lied to Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) and his counterparts when they questioned them about the great mortgage heist they helped perpetrate. To date, the crew from Goldman Sachs hasn't even had their hands slapped.

They sold garbage investments and bought insurance on said garbage and collected BOTH ways.That would be like a car dealer selling a vehicle it KNEW would cause the death of drivers and passengers and purchasing life insurance on them and collecting profits on the sale AND the death of the victims.

The internal communications Senator Levin uncovered clearly demonstrate that Mssrs. Blankfein, Viniar, Spaks, and Swenson lied to the Senate. Their emails to each other combined with other internal documents make it clear they knew exactly what they were doing.

Might I suggest the Feds do something about it?

Contact YOUR senators and urge that something be done.


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