Michigan Road Trippin' To Lansing and Old Town

Found some of the best things offered in Lansing and Lansing's Old Town today.

We started by taking a tour of the MSU Campus on foot. Julie wanted to show us her dorm and whenever we are in Spartie-Land, we have to stroll through The Beal Botanical Garden - a beautiful oasis in the midst of campus. Ella and Julie loved Urban Outfitters, but my next favorite stop was The Record Lounge a coolio vinyl only store that brought back a lot of memories for me. Picked up a neat Jack White poster and a Clash sticker for my bongos.

Then we went to Lansing City Market - what a great place. All new building since Julie and I last visited. Live music, great food, local...local....local stuff. Ice cream, cheeses, baked goods, sandwiches, etc. etc. all in a spanking new location close to the river. Highly recommend this.
Then we drove over to Old Town - we had lunch at a great little Mexican cafe there: Pablo's where we enjoyed extremely friendly service, delicious Cokes and some of the best Mexican food any of us had eaten in quite a while. Went around the corner to Cravings Popcorn (Julie and I just got through munching through half a large bag of Chicago Mix - cheese corn mixed with caramel corn - it was THE BEST). Next stop a few blocks away was the one of a kind Elderly Instruments - where you will find of the best selections of guitars, basses, mandolins, ukes, violins, and all the accoutrements pertaining thereto in the country. I don't play guitar, but I can happily spend an hour there taking in everything they have.

While Randall played several awesome guitars (including a beautiful black National), Ella and Julie found a cool cart for the coffee shop at Love, Betti - a unique blend of antiques and art. Betti has some really wonderful items in a beautiful shop. We had to take a spin around Preuss Pets - a pet store you have to see to believe. Really. Like aquariums? Fresh and salt water fish? Reptiles? Birds? Preuss has it all and then some.

Last, but certainly not least, any trip we make to Lansing has to include a stop at Horrocks Farm Market which has a mind bending selection of EVERYTHING. From every fruit, veggie, cheese, pepper, spice, baked good you can think of to flowers, beer, beer, and beer along with wine! You have to experience it to appreciate it.


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