DSW - Enough With The Questions Already.

I have to admit I was a bit hard on the cashier at DSW yesterday, but I am not apologetic. After the fifth or sixth question, I had had enough. Went to the store with Julie. Found a pair of shoes and some slippers and went to pay for them.

DSW: Have you shopped here before?
Me: Yes.
DSW: Last name?
Me: Yankovich....Y-A-N-K-O-V-I-C-H.
DSW: First name?
Me: Cliff...C-L-I-F-F
DSW: What?
Me: Cliff. KUH-Liff. Cliff - like you might fall off of a cliff. C-L-I-F-F.
DSW: Zip Code?
Me: 49301.
(At this point I noticed she had typed in "Wankovic" which was why I was not coming up on the screen, so I corrected her and we got that straightened out.)
DSW: Does your wife shop here?
Me: What?
DSW: Your wife, does she shop here?
Me: Yeah. In fact she will be buying something here in a minute.
DSW: Does she get our coupons in the mail?
Me: What? What does this have to do with anything?
DSW: What is her first name or initial?
(I had been transitioning from a nice, helpful customer to confused to irritated - I just want to make my purchase, not apply for a loan.)
Me: J....er Julie - wait a minute, she has a different last name than I do.
DSW: What is that?
Me: What does this have to do with me? I just want to buy these shoes. Can I just buy my shoes, please? Don't ask me anymore questions.

Thank goodness, she finally just rang up my purchase and I got out of there.

Next time I buy some shoes, I am going by the name of Jim Jones, zip code 49546, unmarried.


Doreen said…
funny! you must have patience. :-)

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