What is it about President Obama?

How come Republicans are so upset about President Obama?
How come Democrats are so excited about President Obama?

What has he done to inspire such vitriol or any kudos? I am mystified.

Let's see. Any big changes in foreign policy? Hmmm, we took some troops OUT of Iraq, but we put a whole bunch more in Afghanistan so that pretty much balances out. Our young men and women continue to lose their lives and limbs in the desert over there and we continue to spend over 120 MILLION DOLLARS every day in those two countries - things are moving along at the same pace as when Bush the Second was in charge. Suicide is a HUGE problem in the Armed Forces just as it was when GWB ran things. Gitmo is still open for business.
On the home front Prez O continued to write the bail out checks to "free market" Wall Street that Prez B started. He has done nothing to punish anyone responsible for the greatest financial meltdown since the Great Depression. The tax breaks that Prez B initiated have been continued by Prez O. Drilling for oil has resumed in the Gulf. Gay people still can't get "married". Our jails are still stuffed with people who smoke pot or take other drugs.
Labor Unions have long been a bulwark of the donkeys and his response to Wisconsin was tepid at best.
He just appointed someone from Goldman Sachs to help him around the White House.
I checked out the major contributors to our last two presidents and they have several in common in their Top 20: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, UBS (another mega bank). Hmmm, does that smell funny to anyone else? If Obama was such a big stick in the mud for business and commerce, then why did 4 HUGE ass banks give him MILLIONS of dollars to win the office?
Maybe elephants are pissed off because his speeches sound better? That could be a source of pride for the donkeys, too.
All things considered I think President Obama is the best Republican president the Democratic Party has fielded in a long time.
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