The Amish and The Constitution.

Who decides when progress becomes evil? Who gets to call a halt to it?
I have often wondered who in the Amish culture decided at which point progress became evil. How did they pick a point at which it MUST stop? Why have nice, round, metal clad wheels and spring suspension on your buggy - why not be dragged between a couple of poles or ride in a chariot standing up with no suspension or just freakin' walk?
I would like to apply this same question to the members of Congress who allegedly are all about the "intent of the Constitution" and what those who wrote it meant and wished for our country WHEN they wrote it. Well, the document has been amended 27 times. These amendments providided clarification, more detail and sometimes (GASP) made outright changes to things that were going on.
In 1865 we did away with slavery - why did we screw around with the INTENT of the Founding Fathers if everything they wrote was sacrosanct? How on earth did we decide to create/define income tax in 1913 if Holy Writ (the Constitution) did not accomplish this when it was originally written? Why on earth did we have to allow WOMEN the vote in 1920 - wasn't the intent of the writers perfectly clear in The Constitution? According to the intent we should own other human beings and not allow women to vote.
You can read The Constitution here:
A lot has changed in America since the Constitution was written - we keep trying to make it a better place for everyone who is here.
Quit turning back the clock or trying to - get off your high horse ladies and gentlemen and embrace change.
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