Happy Thanksgiving - a Truly Socialist Holiday.

Let's give thanks for Socialist America - especially on Thanksgiving - a holiday that showers us with socialism.

"Socialism: An economic system in which the production and distribution of goods are controlled substantially by the government rather than by private enterprise, and in which cooperation rather than competition guides economic activity."

Many of us will fill our vehicles with food and family and drive over hill and dale on freeways and roads that are paid for by socialism (our collective taxes going for the common good of said roads). If you are driving a GM product today, you should really be thankful for socialism - GM would be gone if not for socialism.
We travel in vehicles protected by socialism i.e car INSURANCE.
We live in houses protected by socialism. (homeowners insurance)
Why do I say this? Well, ALL forms of insurance are socialism - even if they are controlled by private companies they are regulated by the state(s) and federal gubments. Insurance involves everyone paying into a pool to safeguard everyone who pays into the pool against some kind of accident or unexpected expense.
What do we do today - stuff our faces with food that is low priced thanks to government FARM subsidies paid out to big food corporations and large family farms all over our nation. Did you know that FARM SUBSIDIES are okayed by Tea Party members? Yup,  that kind of american socialism is okay even with people who swear up and down they HATE socialism. Just ask Bachmann or Grassley.
Most, if not all, of our grammas n grandpas (or moms n dads) receive social security checks.
Many, if not all, of older parents and grammas and grandpas are kept alive by the socialized medical care they enjoy. It is called MEDICARE.
We gather in front of our televisions which are powered by government subsidized electricity to watch football games played in stadiums - many of which are paid for in part or in toto by tax dollars. So we can enjoy socialist football! Yeah team.
We owe thanks to socialism for the fact that you can read and that I can spell the words you are reading. Almost all of my education (at 3 or 4 elementary, 1 middle, and 2 high schools) came thanks to the government collecting taxes and funding the schools I attended. Thanks to all of you who paid taxes so I could learn to read n write and cipher numbers.
Do you really want to get rid of socialism?
Nah, we might as well embrace it and be thankful for it.
In fact, if Americans would quite pretending we don't believe in or practice socialism, then we could work on it and make it perform really, really well.

I would like to end this with some food for thought. When the Bush Administration sent taxpayers $500 of stimulous money - what did you do with YOURS? Julie and I paid some debt and used the remainder to help pay for a much needed extended week-end mini-vacation.
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