Nicely done - the red herring of taxes.

What a great job of sleight of hand.
What a wonderful Red Herring we are being served up.
With elections just a few weeks away, political strategists have played their trump card.
The goal to get us arguing about income taxes.
That way we might forget about:

  1. A (unfunded) war that has been going on for 7-9 years.
  2. The Wall Street heist.
  3. Foreclosures.
  4. Unemployment.
  5. The widening gap between haves & have-nots in America.
  6. The futility of The War on Drugs.
  7. A real solution to immigration.
  8. 500 million barrels of oil in the Gulf.
  9. Continuing sale of derivative stocks.
  10. Any number of other real issues.
Conservatives point to Ronald Reagan as The One and love the notion of trickle down economics. Well, the author of Trickle Down under Reagan was David Stockman. I heard him interviewed last week and not only did he say any promise of "no new taxes for the middle class" on the part of President Obama would be impossible to uphold, he also said the Republican Plan was just so much air.

Who cares about reality when we can fight about taxes?

Ready - WRESTLE!
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