How can I vote for a guy who spends a fortune for this job?

Rick Snyder is running for governor of Michigan. Here is some of his campaign rhetoric from his website:

"It's time we reinvent state government so that it runs efficiently and serves its citizens as customers. Rick wants to restore ethics, accountability and transparency to state and local government. Rick believes we need a new approach to governing that is not politically motivated, but solution oriented. Rick wants to replace an antiquated bureaucracy with a government that gives taxpayers results for their tax dollars."

We are supposed to believe Rick ain't politically motivated, right?
How can I possibly believe that someone who spent 6 MILLION of his personal fortune in the PRIMARY election for a job that pays $177,000.00 plus expenses a year? He spent 33.89 times his potential annual salary on the primary election - does that make any BUSINESS sense to anyone? Does that make any common sense to anyone? Does that make any fiscal sense to anyone?
Nope - but it makes perfect POLITICAL sense, doesn't it?
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