What is the difference between Mel and Charlie?

Without a doubt Mel Gibson has been digging himself into a pretty deep hole with his racial comments and misogynistic comments. Women all over the country are outraged - vowing to never again watch a Mel Gibson movie. 
Meanwhile Charlie Sheen remains the highest paid actor on TV. The same Charlie Sheen who:
  • "Accidentally" shot his girlfriend Kelly Preston in the arm in 1990.
  • Knocked his girlfriend Brittany Ashland to the ground so hard she lost consciousness.
  • Was accused by his second wife of threatening to kill her with a knife. (Should we mention the affidavit signed by the nanny? Nah.)
  • Was arrested and taken to the slammer on Christmas Day in 2009 for assaulting his wife Brooke Mueller.
  • Who is not only a tad rough on the women in his life, but also is very big in the 9/11 Truth Movement, those folks who think the Bush administration was actually behind the attacks on 9/11.
Ladies - why aren't you tearing your hair out and threatening or boycotting Mr Sheen with the same amount of enthusiasm/vitriol that you do Mr Gibson?

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