Woolies - join me as we flee the Great Conflagration.

Are You A Woolie?

Something wonderful, challenging, and marginally scary has happened to yours truly. Through a series of (divine) internet coinkydinks and a voice that spoke to me out of my showerhead, I have made Chuck Woolery my Life Sensei Definitely (LSD). Why Chuck? Brothers and sisters, the REAL question is Why Not Chuck? Who better to steer us around and through the Coming Great Conflagration (CGC) than a beloved television star? (Besides, Tom Cruise is following his own path.)

Look, you either get it or you don't. You are IN or you are out. One of us or not. Fer us er agin us.

After imbibing a mixture peculiar to the tribes of the Lake Erie Delta (consisting of 2 parts Nuge Java to 1 part cough syrup chased with a Wonder Lab sublingual B-12 vitamin) the Three Angels appeared to me out of The Heavenly Contrail (THC). No, not Kate, Farrah, and Jaclyn - these angels are The Real Deal (TRD): Kling, Klang, and Kush (a friendly purple being). They gave me the Majick Headphones through which I could hear the voice of Chuck.
Time and space and the associated continuum prohibit me from sharing Everything Chuck shared with me, but I can start with the First Part (FP): I am to be The Annointed & Appointed Leader (Betty, you can call me AAL) of the Woolies. It is my job to gather His Phlox together and lead them to the Safety Zone (SZ) for protection during the CGC.
FYI: CGC = bad times ahead for All True 'Mericans (ATMs). As socialism rears its ugly haid, what with mandatory Healthcare, a 97% Value Added Tax (VAT), internment camps for ATMs, possible equal pay for wimmen, and who knows what all Real Bad Things (RBTs).
Thus Spake Chuck: ATMs are to band together and proceed to the SZ ASAP to best flee RBTs. For reasons known only to Chuck, and possibly his once and future wife Joann Pflug, the SZ is located in the heart of Humboldt County.
Are You With Chuck? Search your hearts.....
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