Hmm, no one was at the park today....

It was a blistering 24 degrees today, so I steered Newt toward the park by the river so we could cool off. Hmmm, no one else was there so we had the picnic tables all to ourselves. Wish I had brought some charcoal and animal parts to grill.
We scooted around the paved trail down by the Grand River. No swimmers or fisherman.
Checked my mirror and no one was behind me either.

No too many soccer players on the field today.

Tried to make it up this hill through a drift of snow. When we came to rest in the deep snow it was coolio - the heat from the engine and exhaust melted the snow and I was surrounded by steam. I crab-walked the bike back down the hill a little to get the shot.

We do not give up. Made it on the second attempt. After about 45 minutes of horsing around it was time to head home - my feetsies were getting cold.
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