Fun in Cleveland - born again in 3D.

Wheew - me n the Jules celebrated 4 years of marriage at the Mecca of the Midwest: Cleveland. we had a great time. Stayed 3 nights at the Hyatt in the Arcade. Right downtown.
Maria took good care of us - we had some problems at check in, but she came through - got things straightened out and helped make the stay great. John works out in front of the hotel and he is a HOOT. He sings, smiles, salutes and generally makes you feel good - and he was doing this when it was snowing and 15 freakin' degrees!

FYI - the Hyatt has a Chocolate Bar restaurant attached to the North end (on Euclid). Julie and I had a desert there every night for 3 nights. Like chocolate - then you gotta go there. We started our three days with some fun at the Pickwick and Frolic Bar - they have a comedy club downstairs (Hillarities) and we caught the early show on NYE with Sebastian Maniscalco as the headliner.

He and the other two comedians did a fantastic job. I thought Julie was going to pass out from laughing so hard. We caught Sebastian on HBO when he was part of the Vince Vaughn Wild West Comedy Tour. If you get a chance, see him -

The next day we spent HOURS at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Fantastic. Loved it. Best $22 bucks I have spent in ages. As part of our admission we got to see U2 3D. 1 hour and 20 minutes of their Vertigo concert tour in South America. This movie kicked my butt - it was a spiritual experience. Tremendous. To see thousands of kids rocking out and singing along to the positive message U2 brings tore me up. The 3D stuff was a bonus - it had me from the very first time we swooped in over Larry and his drum kit. When Clayton swung his bass around you almost want to duck. Best concert film I have ever seen - it just took the top spot from Stop Making Sense. If you get a chance to see it - DO IT.

The Hall of Fame is great. You can even see the very piano upon which Ian Hunter wrote his defense of Cleveland:"Cleveland Rocks" - yes it sure does.

Did I mention the Museum of Art? Our visit to Little Italy and the Pennello Gallery? Or the KILLER food and pastries we got in Little Italy? If you go make sure you hit Presti's Bakery and Cafe 12409 Mayfield Rd.Cleveland, Ohio 44106
The pastries and cookies there will knock your socks off.

Did I mention we traveled in a 63 foot diesel/electric hybrid bus? 5 bucks each and we could ride it all day. Took us out to the Art Museum and Little Italy.

Saturday night we got together with an old friend of mine (she and Julie FINALLY got to meet each other). It was great to see Diane - yup, we took her to the Chocolate Bar and she got pretty happy with some espresso and a plate of decadence! Cleveland Rocks for sure.
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