Riffing on the War(s) - things to think about.

Random thoughts to ponder about the war(s) in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan:

4,359 miltary people have died in Iraq and over 31,000 have been wounded.
The number of civilian deaths range from 87,000 to over 100,000.

Cost of the war since 2001: 929 billion and climbing. (http://www.costofwar.com/)

Blackwater (now Xe) corporation has made over one trillion dollars since 2004 in Iraq.
Charges the gubment $900 a day for mercenaries - pays them $350 a day (example taken from mercenaries hired after Hurrican Katrina - maybe they pay them more overseas).
A corporal with 3 years service in the Army makes 19,980 a year.
Blackwater/Xe charges that much in 22.2 days for a mercenary.
A Blackwater/Xe mercenary makes that much for working approximately 57 days.

I met a lady in our store who made thousands of dollars a week to drive a truck in Iraq.
I have read stories where families of our troops need to collect food stamps to eat.
Eric Prince and Blackwater/Xe are making millions and millions.
Our troops cannot feed their families and people in the richest nation in the world cannot afford healthcare, but the private army receives millions and millions.

According to Wall St Journal and others we have sent 11 Billion dollars to Pakistan since 9/11 in order for that country to drive out terrorists - including the Taliban.
New York Times reporter David Rohde was kidnapped and held prisoner by the Taliban for seven months. They kept him in Pakistan where he found "a Taliban mini-state that flourished openly and with impunity...even had superior roads, electricity, and infrastructure."
Rohde was held prisoner in a building the Pakistani government built to serve as a "health clinic."

I find it interesting that Glenn Beck never served in the military.
Rush Limbaugh never served in the military.
Neither did Dick Cheney.

If you have not seen it yet, you need to watch the movie "War, Inc."

The best support we can give to our troops is to bombard Washington with demands that the wars be stopped. If we cannot afford healthcare for people who need it, then we surely cannot afford these wars.
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