Think yer RSS feed is fast. Ha! Mines better.

I have a beta version of a feed that gives me information as people think of it - before they type it. It feeds the words onto the screen on the upper right hand of my monitor. If I give the "read" command, then the whole business scrolls across the bottom of the monitor. Unless I am sleeping in which case I have a wire connected to my superior vena cava which runs the feed directly to my sub-concious.
I can hack into the major news sources for important stuff - you know - E! and National Enquirer and all those snipey blog folks or I can switch to MSNBC to learn what FOX said about what MSNBC is saying about FOX's response their their editorial on gay marriage abortions.
It allows me to know what you are thinking -
I know if you are sleeping,
I know if you're awake,
I know if you have been good or bad,
so be good for goodness sake.
Go to Google and type Santa Ap.

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