Tale of Two Teds (Roosevelt and Nugent).

Just read a book review about a new bio of Teddy Roosevelt. (The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America by Douglas Brinkley) Roosevelt receives muchos kudos for being the driving force behind establishing our National Park system and rightfully so.
What struck me was that the magazine I was reading had some excerpts and one of them was about the struggle Teddy had in beheading a bison. Teddy was complaing about what a chore it was to cut off the head of a buffalo he had just killed by shooting it several times. TR would blather on and on about how fantastic it was to hunt and kill animals and BAM - it hit me like the Wango Tango - this Ted sounds just like Michigan's own Ted Nugent.
Terrible Ted Nugent is ripped to shreds for being a hypocrite who proclaims his love of the wild and the residents thereof all the while hunting them and (GASP!) eating them.
Seems that TR had many of the same emotions, feelings, and driving forces concerning "the wild" that TN did. Yet we villify one and admire the other. 'Splain that one to me Lucy!
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