Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park - Most Excellent

What is not to love about this place. Julie and I were going to go to the beach with my sister from Colorado yesterday, but weather outlook stunk. So we had a nice breakfast with Vicki and then she took off for Traverse City. Julie and I decided to go to Meijer Gardens - it has been about four years since I walked around there.
Wow - what a great place. All kinds of gardens inside greenhouses and outside. Miles of trails to hike - with the walking rewarded by sculptures from all around the world. Beautiful Dal Chihuly ceiling in the cafeteria, nice gift shop, LOTS for kids.
Did I mention the outdoor concert venue? Saw David Byrne there a couple years ago.
Meijer Gardens is one more reason to dig Michigan.
Meijer garden home:
Here is a link to the sculptures:
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