Don't fear the Death Committees - we need to fix healthcare.

Here are some interesting statistics for you to consider in the Healthcare debate.

According to the American Journal of Medicine (hardly a wing of lefty socialism) in 2007 medical expenses accounted for 62% of bankruptcies filed that year. That was an increase of 50% over 2001. What is really amazing is that 75% of those who filed bankruptcy had insurance and the NEJM study said "most were middle class and well educated".


Medical spending in the US represents 17.6% of our Gross Domestic Product. Is it any wonder that the medical establishment is spending billions - with something like 6 lobbyists per Congressman - to keep the status quo??
Depending on which study you read between 20% and 31% of that expenditure is ADMINISTRATIVE. (A New England Journal of Medicine put the amount at 31%) Other developed countries with single payer set ups have administrative costs that range from a low of 1% to a high of 15% in the Netherlands.

Yeah, but our medical system works the BEST. Really? According to the 2009 CIA World Fact Book the United States is behind 49 other countries when it comes to life expentency. Canada is #8 and Australia is #7.
We are #46 when it comes to infant mortality with 6.26 deaths per 1,000 live births. Canada is 10 spots ahead of us with 5.04 per thousand, Australia is #29 with 4.75. Believe it or not South Freakin' Korea whips our ass with only 4.26 and they are ibkt #21.

Don't believe the fear messages. Our healthcare system MUST be overhauled and NOW. It is not working. Write the president and call him on one of his MAJOR campaign promises - contact your senators and representatives and let them know this is unacceptable.

ONE MORE THING: I find it delightfully ironic that the same people who cry "SOCIALISM" when we talk about somehow limiting the amount of profit to medical corporations, drug companies and/or doctors are all about limiting the amount of money malpractice attorneys can earn. So how can you apply one standard to attorneys and another to doctors? Never thought I would want to limit profits for anyone, but I think we should put caps on the whole lot.
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