You want chicks? Get a Chickenator II hairnet.

No doubt you have heard the claims for the Chickenator II - the hairnet for men that attracts women. Well, I watched the infomercial a couple of weeks ago when I couldn't sleep and I thought, "What the heck - give it a try." Let me present PHOTOGRAPHIC proof that the Chickenator II really, really works.
I purposely chose a remote location before I put on my Chickenator II - it was the kitchen in the King building at the Kent County 4-H Fairgrounds. Tough enough location, right? Well, I made the test of the Chickenator II even better by setting myself up in this kitchen at 7:30 on a Sunday morning in July. The day was perfect - blue skies and the promise of temps in the upper 70's. Any hot chicks on the prowl on a day like this are going to head to the beaches in Grand Haven, Saugatuck, or Holland right? The way I figured, this kitchen early on a Sunday morning would be the LAST place good looking chicks are going to find me.
In the picture above, I have just opened the box and followed the instructions for putting on the Chickenator II. E-Z as pie guys. The Chickenator II goes on like a shower cap in a good hotel, the elastic binding gets a good grip on your forehead and you just slide the Chickenator II right on over the top of your head. Here you can see me checking my watch for the exact time of the installation: 7:52 am. I chose to go ahead and cover my big ears with it, but TEC (total ear coverage) is optional.

This picture was taken just TWO MINUTES later!!! I kid you not - the Chickenator II attracted a total of four hot babes (one of them volunteered to take the picture!!!) to this remote location in less than five minutes.

My mind is boggled. Can you imagine what might have happened if I had used the Chickenator II in a more public place? Say at a BBQ contest or in a beer tent or ........ alongside the Grand River waiting for a Duck Race? Good Lord, what would have happened if I had installed the Chickenator II at a public beach or on the pier in Grand Haven.

Guys, the Chickenator II really, really works. Use it, but use it carefully.


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