These are two of my favorite things......

Cliff stands up and walks to the front of the room, grasps the podium with both hands and looks out over the small crowd of people arranged in a semi-circle in the donated room in a church basement in Anytown, USA.

"Hi, my name is Cliff and CHOCOLATE MILK ROCKS!," he screams as he lifts a half gallon of Country Dairy Premium Chocolate milk to his lips and downs at least a third of the container without breathing.
(Que music.)

The crowd rises as one and yells, "Hi Cliff!" as they reach for their own containers.

You like chocolate milk? Live in Michigan? Then you owe it to yourself to give this stuff a taste test. Cool part is that, not only does it support a Michigan family-owned and operated dairy, but it comes from cows that are NOT fed hormones.

Speaking of chocolate dairy products from my favorite state: let me introduce you to my second best friend after Julie Claire. Sleeping Bear Dunes Bear Hug ice cream from Hudsonville, MI.

Oh my, my - very nice chocolate ice cream with "chocolate covered cashews swirled with caramel". Found this about 6 weeks ago and have been consuming it on a regular basis.

These folks have been making Ice Cream (yes, I use capital letters for this most sacred food item) since 1895 in Hudsonville - just a bit west of Grand Rapids, MI. It was later moved just a wee bit to Burnips because they were widening the road. Still family owned - the average employee has been with the company 20 years - they must be doing something right.

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