My voice in Congress - who is gonna hear me?

Hey - the 2nd quarter lobbying totals are in. Man, I am so excited to see all the change in Washington - my voice is being heard. Lets take a look at some of the big spenders and compare them with what I have spent lobbying Congress.

Healthcare -
PhRMA, Pfizer, and the AMA spent a combined total of 15.7 Million dollars lobbying in Washington in the SECOND QUARTER (that is 5.2 million a month or $173,333.33 every freakin' day).
What did Cliff spend - ZERO dollars

Oil and gas -
Chevron, Exxon and BP America spent a combined total of 14.3 million. That is 4.76 million per month or $158,888.88 every friggin' day.
What did Cliff spend - NIL dollars

The big banks cut back for sure - remember, all three of these giants took something like 45 BILLION in bailout money. Their lobbying bucks are down, but Bank of America, CitiGroup, and Goldman-Sachs still shelled out a combined total of 3.13 million or 1.04 million a month which is a paltry $34,777.78 every day of the month.
What did Cliff spend - ZIPPO dollars.

Lemee see - the drug companies, AMA, oil companies, and the big banks spent roughly $366,999.98 each and every day for the second three months of this year to influence Congress while I spent nothing. Who can hear my voice over the racket?

Oh Gee Willikers- I forgot to mention that I have the POWER OF MY VOTE!!!! My elected officials - whether they be donkeys or elephants will turn a deaf ear to the efforts of the powerful lobbyists and read my emails and pay attention to what I think.

Further silliness with a calculator: There are 435 Representatives and 100 Senators. If you divide the per diem amount spent by 535 that means that $685.98 is spent every day of the month - day in and day out - on each and every member of Congress. And remember, these amounts are ONLY from SOME of the members of the Top Ten lobby groups throwing money around - it does not include all the others. How is this possible?

Full top ten list here:
1. U.S. Chamber of Commerce - $7.4 million
2. General Electric - $7.2 million
3. PhRMA - $6.2 million
4. Business Roundtable - $6.1 million
5. Chevron - $6 million
6. Pfizer - $5.6 million
7. AARP - $5.3 million
8. Exxon Mobil - $4.3 million
9. BP America - $4 million
10. American Medical Association - $3.9 million
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