The Hard Lessons at Billy's - we caught 'em.

If you like rock n roll performed by people who love what they do, then The Hard Lessons are for you. These three folks kick out the jams.
We went to see them at Billy's in Easttown July 10. The show got off to a way late start and as a result THL didn't take the stage until LATE - we got home at 1:30 which is pushing it on a week night. But Augie apologized several times (they did not cause the delay) and thanked us all profusely for sticking around.
Ryan provides the back bone. He plays the drums with authority and has a good time doing it.

Korin fills in a bass line and other synth parts while she sings.
She also dances quite well while staying connected to her keyboards.

Augie is an energetic guitar shredder of the first water. The stage at Billy's need to be half again as big in order for Augie to really put on his show, but he made do with the cramped quarters.
I have seen these folks twice and they make me smile. Excellent musicianship, great interaction with the audience and an evident enjoyment for what they do.
Their tour schedule is here:
Catch them if you can - you will NOT be disappointed.


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