Thank God Stephen Friedman is an elephant.

Didja read about the chairman of the NY Federal Reserve who just resigned? Seems he bought tons of Goldman-Sachs stock and managed to make some 3 million dollars as the US suffers a terrible economic meltdown. Oh yeah, he is not very apologetic about it at all and in his resignation letter he mentions his work in the Fed was "public service motivated". What a load of bull.

Good thing he is a Republican. Makes me feel better because I know he is a true blue patriot - no doubt a good friend of Humankind who accidently bent the rules about buying those stocks and is no doubt going to build an orphanage with the millions he made manipulating the system. Oh, did I mention he was chairman of Goldman for a number of years and was a top economic advisor to Prez-dent Bush II? Thank God that the top lawyer at the Fed said he did nothing wrong. Nope, he just had the skill and insider knowledge to use the system to line his pockets while the country's economy hovers inches above the crap in the crapper.

I am so glad that his "public service" allowed him to make some millions while regular people in banks and other financial institutions lost their freakin' jobs.

I am so glad none of my staunch Republican friends will send me any emails about what a crooked sumbitch this guy is. Rush Limbaugh won't waste any of his time slot slamming Friedman for making money off of FEDERAL BAILOUT DOLLARS. It really honks me off when party loyalty keeps people's heads in the sand - no matter which side of the aisle they are on. I am not against anyone making as much money as they can - but when the system is manipulated it is wrong. How can someone as connected and aware of what the Government is going to do be allowed to profit - at the same time when the very same banks and businesses are standing in a line with their hands out for tax $$$$?

'Nother guess here - the media will largely ignore Mr Friedman's business acumen because we have to know whether or not Kirstie Alley will ever make it back to bikini weight.
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