Recycled toilet paper: Scott Naturals vs Marcal Small Steps

On the one hand I am pleased that a company as big as Scott's has started making their products a little more earth friendly. But I gotta ask - What is all the fuss? We have been using Small Steps toilet paper from Marcal at home and at the store for a long time. Very happy with the quality and compared to Scotts Naturals it is a bargin - PLUS it has more recycled content.

Scotts Natural 4 Double Roll pack is $3.59 where I shop. It contains 40% recycled paper.

Marcal Small Steps 4 Double Roll pack is $2.69 - cheaper AND it contains 100% recycled paper.

Can't find your calculator? Marcal is 25% less expensive and uses 100% recycled paper. Your wallet comes out ahead by 25% and our forests come out 60% ahead!


PS - Marcal makes paper towels from 100% recycled paper, too!
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