California - ain't as cutting edge as they think they are.

Us Mid-Western folks have to take a lotta crap from the Coasts about being backward, stuck in the past, and other wise lacking in the cutting edge, progressive thought that makes THEM so much better. California has us all fooled into thinking they are environmental trailblazers because they have tighter restrictions on auto emissions.

I had a shock two days ago when I found out that many parts of environmentally progressive California - including big places like Fresno and the effin capital of the state - do NOT have water meters. Folks out there pay a flat rate - no matter HOW much water they use. HA! Now that is forward thinking all right. Anyone with a brain knows that potable water is the most precious resource we have. The report also mentioned that Fresno has one of the highest per capita uses of fresh water in the country. Seems if folks out there have a water leak, they just let it go. Yup, that is some high speed thinking that leaves us poor Michiganders in the dust.

What makes it even funnier is that California has passed legislation that will mandate water meters - oh, but it doesn't go into effect until 2025!! Wow - what a blisteringly fast example they are setting for us hayseeds. Lead on mighty progressives. Light the path for us, please. Give yourself another decade and a half to monitor your water use.

I have lived all over Michigan and I have always had to pay for the amount of water I used. Funny how we have been metering water all these decades and we are surrounded by the biggest bunch of fresh water in the nation.

Hows about another environmental example.....Michigan put a bottle law into effect in 1976 and California had one a mere decade later. Zoom Zoom Zoom - you West Coasters must be constantly bleeding from being so edgy.

Hmmm, gay people can get married in IOWA.....but they can't in California. Hmmmm.
Hey California - kiss my meter.
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