Best method of styrofoam peanut dispoal - PakMail.

We get a lot of packages at the store and at home with items that are packed in styrofoam "peanuts". What to do with the peanuts?
I looked on our County's website information page and found out that PakMail stores will re-use the peanuts. I had a big garbage bag full and took them in to the PakMail on Cascade Road. He was happy to take them off my hands. He also took some styrofoam pieces that were shrink-wrapped in gray plastic. (Julie ordered some Fiesta Ware dishes earlier this year and they came packed in the plastic covered foam.)
A great win-win-win. The styroafoam we collected in our garage did NOT end up in the waste stream. PakMail can re-use the peanuts thus saving them a little money. We made a small step in the right direction. Kudos to PakMail.
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