Tax the AIG bonus money? Capital Hill Masturbation.

I can remember when I was a wee tyke in junior high that Jim Morrison of The Doors was busted (more than once IIRC) when he masturbated in public. It was against the law. Still is to the best of my knowledge and rightly so - who wants to watch that?
Why then didn't anyone arrest all, or most, of the members of our House of Representatives for masturbating in public today?
The Democrats cooked up the nifty idea to tax the excutives of AIG 90% on the bonus money they were paid out of the Federal Bail Out dollars. Many Republicans, who feared pissing off their voters back home, cast their ballot in favor of this waste of time Bill. It passed 328-93 - so I guess only 328 out of a possible 421 Representatives masturbated in public today.
Great - money is being flushed down the toilet and our elected officials spend an entire day (and probably will spend another one or two) passing a Bill that would not hold up for 10 seconds in any court in the country. The Constitution fobids passing laws AFTER the fact.
Why don't the donkeys and elephants spend their time doing SOMETHING that matters on this issue? The Republican Sec of the Treasury gave AIG billions with NO strings attached. Then Obama's Democratic appointee turned around and did the same damn thing a couple weeks ago.
Then BOTH parties go through the motions of being shocked and outraged that the money is being spent unwisely. Blah blah blah blah.
Man, those men and women get paid alot to do the very same thing Jim got arrested for.

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