Some days are way more fun than others.

There we were hard at work this morning and in walks a salesman. No problem, this is a guy I have been wanting to meet - our Strellman's rep. His name is Jim Fox and he lives in Ohio. So we talk about the developments of Strellman's and some of the new things they are doing - like making everything in the line available in Argentium silver.
Then he shows us some other lines he handles and at the very end of our time, when we are sharing our histories, he mentions being a musician. I ask further - a drummer with a rock band. I press further - HA - he is the very Jimmy Fox who started the James Gang back when we were all a little younger. He is the James for which the James Gang is named. He started the band in '66 - this was before Joe Walsh got involved.
What a hoot - man, I have Funk 49 on my MP3 player. It was the first song I ever heard on a really kick ass stereo system. Marti Griffith's dad had McIntosh equipment - this was in '72 or '73 and she invited 3-4 of us in to listen to the powerful, clean system and she put on James Gang Rides Again - and played Funk 49.
Changed my life! Wow - I was short and walked with a limp until that song healed me.
What a treat to meet the man behind the music.
In my store.
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