Say NO to big oil.

I have been a part of several motorcycle forums and followed many discussions on the subject of motor oil - usually centered around "Which oil is the best?".When it comes to motor oil, with all due respect - everyone on those forums is fulla crap.
I have been running my bikes DRY for the last 3 years with excellent results.
No oil.
No oil changes.
No filter.
No filter changes.
I have been hesitant to bring it up because every time I do, people make fun of me. Laff all you want - I have not spent dime one on oil in 3 years with NO ILL EFFECTS. You have seen pictures of my bikes on this blog - they get daily use in all kinds of temperatures and weather conditions.
Motor oil is a myth - started and sponsored by BIG OIL (duh!).
You can keep on supporting the man or join me by going OIL FREE.
Dare to be different - Just say NO to oil.
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