How come concert videos have 1.5 second edits?

There I was surfing the music offerings my cable service offers On Demand and what should I discover but U2 in concert from the tour a couple years ago in Chicago. Cool. I turned it off after 4 songs even though it was great music.
Who ever edited it decided that to focus on any one of the four musicians, or to focus on anything at all - the crowd, great lighting, etc. etc - for more than 1.75 seconds at a time might leave us bored or something.
WTF? I would like to watch The Edge get what he gets out of his guitar for more than 3 bars. These hyper-speed edits suck major wind. I realize the camera is not going to look where I would look, but it is tiring to have the subject change every 1-5 seconds.
That is why I shut it off. Made me tired.
How about a concert video that spends a little time on each subject or on the band as a whole? Please?

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