What can dogs smell when it is this cold anyway?

Just took Otter for a walk.

No, she doesn't wear those pearls when she is out acting like a regular dog.

Anyway, it is a crisp 18 degrees. The snow is sparkly and crystalline. First, I cannot understand how this little hardly hairy dog can stand walking when it is this cold outside. She LOVES to go for walks - she even dragged me out when it was 0 - never mind the *&^% wind chill. How can she handle the cold?

Anyway - as we are walking along she will find animal tracks, some of which are obviously deer, and she sticks her little beezer right into the snow and snuffles up what ever there is to smell in these tracks. What is there to smell in a track in the snow when it is below freezing outside? I have seen her stick her whole face right into the snow to get a good snootfull of some smell or another. The third question for today is: What is so appetizing about frozen rabbit turds?


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