This stimulates the economy how?

50 million to the National Endowment for the Arts.
Look, I am married to an artist and we make our living selling her art. (My wife is a jewelry designer and maker thereof and we have a jewelry store.) So I am in favor of art and artists, but there is no way you can convince me that handing out Federal grant money to some sculptor, photographer, or painter is going to stimulate the economy. If people like their art, then let the people/marketplace support the arts.
When times are good and the coffers are flush, then maybe our tax dollars should be spent on art - but not when the wolf is at the door.

75 million to help people stop smoking.
Great idea and I can almost see where this would save money in the long run by lowering health care costs, etc. But NOW is not the time for this kind of stuff.

400 million to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
Kind of like the smoking thing. C'mon Mr President et al - I thought we were creating jobs with these billions and billions of dollars.

I heard something on NPR about a program for 3.99% mortgages - now THAT sounds like a stimulus plan. Lower house payments - BUT THEY STILL HAVE TO BE PAID - and folks will have extra money to buy a new car or redecorate the kitchen, etc. etc.
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