Recycling fun in Kent County.

We recycle at the store - all our junk mail, office papers, the cardboard boxes we receive, batteries, etc. etc. Well, recently the company who picks up recycling in Lowell cut back on their service to a couple of times a month.
We did some cleaning at the house and we got in a lot of packages so the recyclables were piling up. I got on the Web and found a recycling center not far from our house on Breton Road just North of 52nd street. So I packed the Toyotat full of cardboard and papers and everything else and went over there. What a nice, clean place. All the big bins are clearly labeled and the best part of it was that when I was there in the middle of a Monday, the lot was very busy - probably 8-10 people pulled in to recycle while I was unloading.
Bravo to my fellow recyclers and bravo to Kent County for providing such a nice facility.
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