Machine Love - some of my favorite music.

I found MachineLove on CD Baby ( a couple years ago. First let me tell you about CD Baby - great place to find music you will NOT find in the stores and almost all of the CDS have sampling so you can listen before you buy.

Machine Love - ( is my favorite CD Baby find ever. Here is how they describe themselves on their site:

"Machine Love is an electronica soul-infused, space rock duo based in San Francisco. Machine Love music contains no lyrics, but applies vocalizations and live electric guitar against an ambient groove backdrop of funky rhythms and spacey melodies."

If that description cathes your attention, then by all means give them a listen. I own all four CD's and enjoy them immensely. I love to play Machine Love in our jewelry store and I also use it when I write - lyrics interfere with the words in my head so ML works very well for me when writing.
Machine Love is Top Shelf Stuff - no home is complete without it.
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