NeilMed Sinus cleanse seems to really work.

I managed to get my sinus cavity pretty well infected over the last few weeks. It got so that when I woke up in the morning my nose was totally plugged and my eyes had gook in them - you know, the yukky kind that kind of makes them stick together. My energy level was waaay down. But I am NOT a fan of antibiotics - that is a treadmill I decided to get off of about 10 years ago.
Once I read about sinus infections and realized I had all the symptoms - my teeth on the top right side of my mouth hurt - one or two in particular, I did a google search on DIY sinus infections and clicked on this:

Well, I went out and got myself a NeilMed kit with 50 packets and the squeeze bottle. It was 10 bucks at my local RiteAid store. Decided to give myself two rinses per day for 5-7 days and if it didn't help, THEN I would go into the Doc for some antibiotics. Started last Saturday night and just gave myself my Monday night rinse. Seems to be helping alot. Did NOT take an antihistamine when I went to bed last night (prior to that I had been taking one every night and I was still losing the battle) and there is no more gook in my eyes in the morning and I am feeling much better. My energy level is at about 70% of normal which is a big step up from the 50-60% I have been feeling lately.
I am using distilled water that is warm (50 seconds in our micro-wave) and rinsing the bottle and top between each use. Used tap water when I took a shower this morning and it stung pretty good - we have a well with a water-softener and there is a lot of saline in our unfiltered water, so I think I will stick with the distilled water. As I am writing this I can actually breathe through both nostrils! But I can feel a battle going on in my sinus cavity - them little buggers are not giving up easily.
Will update at the end of my 7 day test.
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