C'mon President Obama - you can do better.

I expected more.
A guy running the Treasury (and the IRS) who doesn't pay his taxes? AND why the %$#@ was he not fined? Everyone I know who has had ANY kind of back taxes to pay - including myself - has had to pay interest and fines. I actually had a bench warrant out for me for fines that were levied on a rental house in Grand Rapids that I LOST to unpaid property taxes many years ago. Did the City let me off? Nope.
I have had tax mix-ups with the State of Michigan and have had to pay interest on the amount I owed them plus a fine. Why is this guy any different? Why the hell would our President put someone in charge of the Agency that COLLECTS our taxes who neglected to pay them?
How about that Daschle? He collects over 5 million (one report I read said in 2 years, another version says 4 years) as a lobbiest to the medical field and our President wants to make him in charge of regulating the medical field. Guess we can never mind those promises about no lobbyist working in the White House, eh Mister President.
Ooops - he forgot to declare a little something to the tax people. Who knew a limo and driver being provided was actually a benefit? Not Mr. Daschle. Oh, guess he doesn't have to pay any penalties, fines, or interest either.
Does the President and his selection team have their collective heads up their kiesters? Or do they figure no one will really care about this stuff?
No penalties or fines. No taxes on the Big Movers. Sounds like business as usual to me, Mr President. You promised us something different. You promised CHANGE.
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