7 Day Update on NeilMed Sinus Cleanse

Best 10 bucks I have ever spent on a health related product.

That about sums it up for me after 1 week of daily use. The last three days I used it morning and night. My sinus passages are doing much, much better. FYI - I had a sinus infection for several weeks and my energy was sapped, had headaches and two of my teeth on the upper right side of my mouth hurt.
After rinsing with the NeilMed bottle and mix for the last week, my infection is almost all gone. My energy level is almost back to normal and the spring in my step is springing. I plan on using it daily for at least another week to ten days and then will use it 3-4 times a week after that.
Great product - wish I had found it earlier.
I have been using saline spray for the last 2-3 winters. NO COMPARISON to the results and comfort achieved with the sinus rinse.
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