$10 on Michigan products is EASY!

If we all spend $10 of our weekly food budget on Michigan made products, it can pump 36 million a week into the state.

Just got back from the grocery store. These are the items I know for sure are from Michigan companies:

Kellogg cereal 2.00 (Frosted mini-wheats were on sale)
Matador tortilla chips 5.00
Michigan red potatoes 3.49
Country Dairy milk 2.99
Meijer distilled water .93
Keebler cookies 7.58
Bread/donuts 5.66 (the last two things have double impact because they are
made by Meijers - the company I bought them from.)
Total MI bucks $27.65

The cool part was that I only spent a total of $66.14 so over a third of my grocery bill stayed in Michigan. I normally shop at Meijers, but they do NOT carry Litehouse dressings (our favorite AND it is made in Lowell, Michigan) so I go to Family Fare for that. Last week I stocked up on 6 different Litehouse dressings for $15.96.

It is easy for each of us to do our part for Michigan - take time to read the labels!
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