My predictions for President Obama.

First let me say that I hope the following viewpoint turns out to be ALL wrong.

I don't think Mr. Obama is going to usher in very much change at all. Sure, he might be at the helm for some giant government employment programs, but what I am talking about is serious change - the kind of change that was promised and/or implied in his whole campaign.
If you take a look at the people he has appointed on his team then you might see that there are indications that it is going to be Business As Usual.
I don't think he will pull us out of Iraq all that quickly. At the same time I think he is going to get us further involved militarily in other countries.
I think the government bailouts will still be devoted to the big money boys and girls who are responsible for the millions and millions he raised in his campaign. Sure, he got a lot of small donations - but is some Schmoe who sent in $100 of his hard earned money going to get access to the president? What is Mr. Schmoe compared to a fat cat who wrote a check or checks for the maximum amount or who works for a corporation that has funnelled thousands and thousands into the Obama/Democratic coffers?
I predict the squeeky wheels that receive the oil of Federal Funds will be the big financial wheels he rode to Washington on - not the people who scrimped and sent him a hundred bucks.
If he takes on health care, I predict that the same "trickle down" theories will be put into effect. Make some changes, but keep the cash flow nozzles directed at the big companies who grease the skids with money. Those of us scrambling to cover health care costs or wondering how the heck we are going to be able to keep buying insurance for ourselves and our families will be doing the very same thing next year and the year after that, etc.
Big Changes?
Watching out for us little people - you know, the VOTERS?
I don't think it is going to happen - please prove me wrong Mr. President.

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