Good stuff from Traverse City, Michigan

Julie and I went to a wine tasting/food event a couple of weeks ago. We found some really great wine and food from Michigan.
Here are a couple of my favorites.

If you like vodka at all, then you need to test drive some True North vodka from the Grand Traverse Distillery: Hand made in small batches using ingrediants from the Traverse City area - wow, this vodka is smooth. Personally, I like the one with cherry in it - it finishes with a hint of chocolate. Yum.

On a more practical side - do you like peanut butter? Or almond butter? A lady in Traverse City has come up with totally natural nut butters that are fantastic. What is really cool about them is the fact that they do not separate, so you don't have to stir them all the time. She calls her company Naturally Nutty. We have a jar of the vanilla almond butter in the cupboard right now. Fantastic - eaten on crackers, as a sandwich spread, or however you like your nut butter consumed.

Closer to home, we also found out about BLiS maple syrup. Aged in oak barrels by a chef named Steve Stallard right here in our neck of the woods - Kentwood (which is a suburb of Grand Rapids). At $20 a bottle, this is not something you have the kids dump on their Eggo waffles every morning, but dip some of your favorite cheese in this concoction and it will change your life, lower your golf score, and help prepare you for a special place in heaven. Well, maybe not all that, but it is deeee-licious to the max.

Chef Steve also creates a nine year old aged maple sherry vinegar that is beyond compare.

Michigan - it ain't just about the cars!
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