Big 3 Bailout - If that is true, then how come .........

Just found something out yesterday - over the last few years the Big Three automakers (especially Ford) have been opening factories in other parts of the world. They want us to believe that they cannot be competitive building cars in the United States for people in the United States.
If that is true, then how come Toyota has been steadily OPENING new plants in the United States to make vehicles to sell here and abroad? Depending on which source you consult, Toyota now has 12 or 13 manufacturing plants in various parts of North America.
To my knowledge Toyota is hiring Americans to work at their American plants and they seem to be making money and NOT going to Washington with their hands out.
I don't know a lot of the details, but Honda has plant(s) in Ohio that make cars and the big Gold Wing motorcycles. No one from Honda is looking for a check from Washington.
Must be that no one told Honda and Toyota that kind of thinking will never work.
Don't they KNOW you can't make vehicles in the United States using American labor and make any money at it - what the hell is wrong with those idiots at Toyota and Honda, anyway??

My point is that it appears products can be profitably MANUFACTURED in the United States by Americans.

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