The bust of illegal aliens in Iowa.

Just read a disturbing account of the bust of 390 illegals at that huge meat processing plant in Iowa today in The Progressive. They were all charged with "Social Security fraud" and "aggravated identity theft". The article was written by a federal interpreter and he painted a pretty bleak picture.
Hardly any of those arrested even knew what a Social Security card or number is. All of their paperwork was filled out for them by the people at Agriprocessors, Inc. - which happens to be the nation's largest kosher slaughterhouse and meat packing plant.
Hmmm, how can we bust the poor schmucks working there and ignore the crimes committed by the people who own and operate the plant? I can remember when Cathy Lee Gifford was crucified in the press because her clothing line was made in some 3rd world countries in less than ideal conditions.
Where is the hue and cry against Agriprocessors? Do you think it was just an accident that they happened to hire hundreds of undocumented workers who don't speak English?
The illegals were given the option of pleading guilty to the lesser charge of social security fraud and taking a minimum of 6 months in jail. If they plead not guilty, then they would not only end up spending much more time than that in the slammer, they might end up with a minimum of 2 years incarceration if they were found guilty on the more serious charge.
What a farce. How on earth could someone who does not speak English possibly pull off the theft of an identity? And to what end? The only thing these people wanted was a job - one guy WALKED to the US from Guatemala. He walked for a month and ten days just to get to the border.
Don't get me wrong - I think anyone who wants to get into America should follow the proper procedure. My grandparents came over on the boat from Yugoslavia, so I have nothing against immigrants, but they need to play by the rules.
That being said, it is a travesty to punish those on the bottom rung, when it appears that the real criminals are the ones who staff the plant. [EDIT - it appears that 3-4 of them are getting punished as well - see below.]

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